How Will a Roof Replacement Impact the Value of my Home?

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Replacing a roof is a process that can improve your home in many ways. One of the largest impacts of a roof replacement is how much it increases the value of your home once the process is complete. It will also improve your home’s aesthetic and curbside appeal. A new roof may help you find buyers for your home who are willing to shell out a little more money due to the new roof and the security that it brings to the sale. Those are only a few ways in which a new roof can improve the perceived value of your home. Here are an additional 3 ways that a new roof will raise your home’s value, particularly in the Northern Alabama area: 

3 Ways Your New Roof Raises Your Home Value in North Alabama 

  1. New roofs are meant to last for homeowners and if a roof is replaced right before the sale of a house, buyers will take note and may feel more at ease when paying for it. Knowing the roof is brand new, buyers feel more comfortable buying the home. Buyers always want to see a house that looks new and a new roof is a surefire way to show that the house is being taken care of and that it will last for a long time before the new homeowner needs to replace it again. A new roof will bring much needed buyer security to a potential homeowner and it will give them the peace of mind that will help them feel comfortable signing on the dotted line. 
  2. If you replace your roof with a reliable company and quality workmanship, the roof can be used to add more value to the asking price of the home. Though the installation of a new roof can be a pricey venture, the amount that a homeowner can make back on the market when selling their house is substantial. If the contractor you hire to replace your roof uses the proper materials and does the job right, the amount that one can make back by having a new and improved roof on the home can definitely make up for the cost of replacing the old one.
  1. New roofs add certain perks to a home that may not have had them before. When your roof is replaced, the roof ventilation is often inspected and improved as well. Having proper roof ventilation can save homeowners money by increasing the home’s energy efficiency as well as prolonging the life of the roof itself. If a seller has their attic insulation inspected and updated too, that can tie in nicely with the new roof ventilation and provide much needed climate control to the home. The HVAC unit may not have to work as hard during the hot and cold months in Alabama. Decisions like these have the potential to increase your home’s value in the Alabama housing market and have your home sold in no time to buyers who are confident in the home they are getting. 

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What Kind of Roof is Most Common in North Alabama? 

There are a couple of roofing materials that are most common in North Alabama and the Tennessee Valley area and those are metal and shingle roofs. Both are built to last, however, shingle roofs are usually more affordable than metal roofs, thus making them more common. Shingles are cheaper and are a better investment for the short-term, but metal roofs

certainly last much longer. A brand new metal roof would surely drive up the value of any home. Though a new shingle roof would do the same, the fact that metal roofs are more expensive and last for a longer time makes them a much more valuable addition to a home. 

Hire Huntsville’s Most Trusted Roofing Expert 

We at Advanced Roofing & Construction, LLC are the most professional roofing company you can come by in the Huntsville area. If you are looking for a new roof to increase the value of your home or just to update your existing roof, give us a call at 256-603-9171. We are known for our professionalism and our attention to detail and this is reflected in our many 5-star reviews on Google and elsewhere. We will be there for you every step of the way so the process feels simple and headache-free. We are also well versed in the insurance claims process and can assist you if you have an existing insurance claim or plan to start one. If you need a roofing expert in Madison County and the North Alabama area, contact Advanced. We’ll get the job done the way it should be.