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Taking into consideration the material of your roof is a very important decision for your home. Your roof is the main structure that protects everything inside your home, including your family and all of your belongings. There are many different materials that you could choose for the roof of your home. This article will focus on the benefits and drawbacks of metal roofing materials such as aluminum, steel and other possible metal roofing materials.

If you are in need of a roof replacement, it is important to review all of your options for materials as a roof can be a pricey investment. You want to make a decision that will benefit your house long term while considering the financial impact it may have. The following are some positive aspects of metal roofing materials:

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Metal roofs are arguably the most durable material for your roof. Harsh storms can cause shingles to break, leaks in your ceilings and water damage to your roof. Metal roofs are extremely durable and able to protect you and your home from the potential impacts of a heavy storm. The expected life of a metal roof is also much higher than those of tile or asphalt. While tile and asphalt roofs are generally said to have an expected life of 12-20 years, most metal roofs have a life expectancy of 30-50 years.

Versatility and Installation 

Metal roofing materials come in a variety of colors and styles. This means there is some additional flexibility when trying to match a certain aesthetic for your home. Standing Seam Metal Roofs are commonly selected by homeowners for their curbside appeal and for having the screws hidden. This helps with the cost associated with roof maintenance over the life of the roof.

Storm Protection 

The strength of a metal roof is substantially greater than those of other materials. They can hold up against strong winds up to 140mph and resist lifting due to their interlocking panels which can prevent water penetration during a storm. Most metal roofs also carry a Class A fire-resistant rating which is the highest possible. This provides more protection from lightning strikes, wind-blown embers and can be especially helpful in wildfire-prone areas. Metal roofs fare well in heavy rain storms and blizzards as well. Specifically, in snow storms, metal roofs are an advantage as they are basically impervious to rain and snow. This means there is not much snow buildup as the snow slides off the slippery roof. If your metal roof is a darker color, that can also contribute to how fast the snow melts off of it.

Energy Efficiency 

Metal roofs are excellent at conserving energy in your home. The materials of most metal roofs reflect direct sunlight away from your home which will help keep the inside of your house cooler. This can be beneficial especially during the summer months as it will help save costs on air conditioning. A metal roof is better equipped for solar panels and some metal roofs even have a solar reflective coating applied which helps further reflect heat.

Environmentally Friendly 

Metal roofing materials are much better for the environment. Metal roofs are replaced less often than asphalt roofs and most metal roof materials are made with recycled materials and can be recycled again in the future

rather than disposed of in a landfill. When an average residential roof is removed, it accounts for 1-3 tons of asphalt shingles depending on how many layers have to be removed. Asphalt shingles take approximately 300 years to break down and with an average of 11 million tons of shingles and their scraps sent to landfills every year, that is a lot of waste. Metal roofs are more environmentally friendly for these reasons.


Metal roofing is surprisingly light compared to other roof material options. Asphalt options can weigh up to 225-500 pounds per square (10×10). Other roofing materials such as clay tile can be double that weight, while most varieties of metal roofing are typically between 50-150 pounds per square. Weight might be a factor to consider when it is time to install a new roof on your home.

Although there are many benefits to a metal roof, it is also important to note the less preferable aspects:

Initial Cost 

Metal roofing is categorized as a more premium material. This means the cost may be higher than you were expecting. Although you are paying more upfront, it is important to remember the substantial difference in roof life expectancy that metal roofs have compared to asphalt shingle roofs and other roof types. In the long run, metal roofs are likely to save you more money as they can last 20+ years longer than roofs made of different materials.

Noise and Denting 

Similar to how rain sounds as it hits your car, there will also be noise heard during storms as the water hits the roof of your house. To some, this might be a peaceful, relaxing sound but others may not prefer it. Be prepared for that extra noise with a metal roof. A metal roofing system can also dent if it is impacted by a heavy object such as large hail. Even though metal roofs have a longer life expectancy, if you reside in an area that commonly gets heavy storms, you should be prepared for the possibility of falling tree limbs or anything else swept up in a storm potentially denting your roof.


It may be a little more difficult to fix a metal roof if it needs a repair as metal roofing is typically installed in large panels rather than individual shingles. If a tiny area becomes damaged, the entire panel may need to be replaced. Metal roofing materials also tend to change throughout the years. This may make it difficult to find an exact match to repair your roof if your roof becomes damaged a few years after it is installed. The possibility of color variation on roof repairs is also true for shingles as well.

There are many important factors to be mindful of when deciding on a roofing material for your home. It is crucial to make the right investment that will benefit you and your home in the long run. Installing a metal roof will definitely provide more durability than any other roof material and will add more protection to your home during storms and other bad weather events. A metal roof also has a longer life expectancy than all other roof materials which ultimately makes up for the initial price paid. Consider all positive and negative factors of a metal roof before choosing what roof is right for your home and make sure to call Advanced Roofing & Construction, LLC at 256-603-9171 to schedule your free roofing estimate.

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