Make Advanced Your Go-To Roofing Contractor in Decatur, Alabama 

At Advanced Roofing & Construction, we provide lots of different roofing services including: Residential Roof Replacement, Residential Roof Repair, Chimney Repair, Commercial Roof Coating and more! We are Veteran Owned and believe that Integrity Comes First! 

We base each roofing project around the needs of our customers, taking into consideration their specific circumstance, preferences and roof necessities. We do this because we know the ins and outs of roofing, have experience dealing with many different roofing situations and we want what is best for each of our customers. We serve all areas around Decatur, AL. If you live in Decatur and notice missing shingles, spot a leak or haven’t had your roof looked at in a while, reach out to us by calling 256-603-9171. We would be happy to inspect your aging roof for damages that are difficult to see from the ground and give you a free roofing estimate for the work needed based on your unique roofing issue. We know exactly what to look for while assessing your roof and we will discuss with you any areas of concern that need to be addressed. Whether you are located inside or outside of Decatur, AL city limits, we are here for you and have been helping Decatur residents for years. We value our Decatur customers very much. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Just sit back, relax and leave the ladder climbing to us!

Let Us Help With Your Roof Installation in Decatur, Alabama 

Your roof is your home’s first line of protection and should be installed by professionals who are experienced and proficient. The strength and quality of your roof can prolong its life and save you time and money in the long run, especially in Decatur where severe storms come and go often and damaging winds as well as hail storms can occur periodically. Whether it is a new roof installation, a roof replacement or a roof repair, Advanced Roofing & Construction is equipped to perform the job efficiently and accurately. We work hard to ensure that each of our customers receive the utmost service and have a strong roof over their heads. We can also install brand new seamless gutters and Gutter Guards along with your new roof.

We Also Provide Roof Repairs in Decatur, Alabama 

Advanced Roofing & Construction, LLC completes the roof repair you need when you need it. We’re always here for you if you’re in Decatur and in need of emergency repairs. If necessary, we can lay tarps over damaged areas to avoid further damage to your roof if we can’t fix the issue right away. You may need a repair if you have a leak, notice missing shingles on your roof or see shingles that fell in your yard. Contact us today to get a free estimate on a roof repair in Decatur, AL. We’re happy to help you resolve any roofing issue you may have. 

You can count on us to patch up your roof if you’re in Decatur, AL and have suffered a catastrophe, including: 

  • Big or Small Roof Leaks 
  • Chimney Leaks 
  • Fallen Tree Limbs 
  • Hail Damage 
  • Wind Damage
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Choose Advanced When You Need A Roof Replacement in Decatur, Alabama 

Many of our customers are in need of a full roof replacement due to having an old roof or a roof that has endured storm damage. We are roof replacement experts and service the Decatur area if you need assistance with your roof replacement.

You may be considering whether to file an insurance claim or you may have already done so. We are insurance claim specialists and are very familiar with the entire process. We can answer any questions you may have and meet with your insurance inspector for you when they come to assess your roof. We are skilled in handling insurance claims but happily assist our Decatur customers who choose to pay out of pocket as well. We take care of every customer like they are family. After all, we are family operated and want to make you feel at home while protecting your home at the same time.

Roofing Projects We’ve Completed in Decatur, AL

When we replace a roof in Decatur, we treat it with the same respect we would any other home. We make sure we remove the old roofing system entirely, all the way down to the decking. We do this so that we can inspect your decking for water damage or rot before we install your new roof. This allows us to be sure your roof has a strong foundation that can serve you well and support the new roofing system that we will install on top of it. Shingles are heavy and if the decking is not assessed properly and damaged areas are not replaced with new material, it may not be able to hold up over time and could pose a risk to those who walk on top of it and those who live below it. If you think you have damaged roof decking, we would be happy to assess it and provide you with a free roofing estimate for the work needed to fix it. Call us at 256-603-9171 to schedule a time for us to come out and take a look.

About Decatur, AL

The fertile valley where Decatur lies drew in farmers from all around to tend the land. The location of the city originally served as a river crossing on the Tennessee River. The popularity of the region continued to climb as the railroad was built. Decatur served as the end terminal for its rail line. The railroad made the region extremely important during the Civil War as both sides fought for control. In the ensuing chaos, the city received mass amounts of damages. The town was named in 1820 after Stephen Decatur, an American naval officer who was killed in a duel.

Decatur, AL Weather

Hail Storms:14

High Winds: 150+

Tornadoes: 7

October 8th, 2014:

On October 8th, 2014, strong thunderstorms developed over Morgan county, where Decatur sits. During this storm, heavy rain and dime to softball sized hail ravaged the area. With that amount of rain and hail that large, many properties sustained damage throughout the area.

tornado storm

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