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Staying on top of roof maintenance is easy with Advanced Roofing & Construction, LLC.  We provide free roof inspections after a bad storm.  You can always call to ask what specific type of maintenance your roof needs.  For example, if your roof has been struck by lightning or has sustained damage from heavy rain, we can come out and take a look at it and recommend the best strategy for keeping your roof in working order.

Come to us when you need any kind of roof maintenance in Huntsville, AL.  We provide roof tune-ups that include everything from caulking rusty nails to sealing around each of your pipe boots and more.  We want your roof to last.  Giving it a tune-up every so often is a proactive way to keep it strong.

Get the roof deck repair you need today.

Sometimes, problems with your roof go deeper than just the shingles.  That’s why we provide expert deck repair.

You’ll know it’s time to call us for decking repair when you notice:

  • Water leaking through the roof
  • Stains and spots on your ceiling
  • A sagging ceiling or roofline
  • Rot, mold and mildew collecting
  • Daylight shining into your attic

Contact us today at 256-603-9171 for roof deck repair in Huntsville, AL.