What Causes Stains and Spots on Your Ceiling?

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The ceiling of your home is something that can be tough to maintain. One second it looks perfect and the next second you end up with water damage. Your pristine ceiling will suddenly start to look utterly disgusting as brown spots multiply. Though these problems seem to be pretty common for most homeowners, people will often be unaware of the root cause behind most of their issues. Some of these ceiling stains can be handled with a quick fix but others may require that a roofing professional weigh in on the situation. Hopefully, this article can help you understand what causes ceiling stains, when you can fix them and when a trained professional is needed to locate the source of the problem and repair it. 

Rotting in Ceiling Corner

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Water Stain Causes 

Leaking Pipes and Ducts 

Whether it be from excess moisture or a plumbing leak, water stains are the most common stains that one will find on their ceiling and this can come from a number of different sources. The severity of these stains vary depending on the source of the problem. The first (and most likely cause) is a water leak. Water leaks can come from a leaking pipe that runs near the ceiling, perhaps from an upstairs bathroom or another water source on the second floor. Another possible water source could be from a laundry room that may be on an upper floor in the house. Sometimes the ducts in your home can cause an issue due to condensation. If a duct in your home is not ventilating properly and moisture that is intended to be outside ends up inside, it could pool up in your ceiling, resulting in a water stain. 

Ceiling Staining

Roof Leaks 

Though a leaking pipe and broken duct are both potentially big issues, a roof leak is something that many people likely wouldn’t expect. Roof leaks will only worsen if they aren’t fixed. A leaking roof can have a multitude of causes. Your roof could have sustained damage from a recent storm or there could be structural damage of some sort. The materials on your roof meant for waterproofing could be damaged. Your leak could have also affected your roof’s wood decking, which can sometimes cause it to rot. In these cases, a professional could be necessary to find the problem, repair it or potentially replace your roof if your current roofing system is not performing properly or if it has been damaged by storms in your area. 

Ceiling Cracking Peeling

The Cost of Ceiling Stains 

Ceiling Mold 

Though it may seem trivial, water stains aren’t anything to let sit. If enough time is allowed to pass, then that unsightly patch could allow for an even larger build up of moisture, which will inevitably lead to mold growth and mold stains. Never let a ceiling stain stay. Whether you can fix it yourself or not, mold growth can lead to health issues for you and your family. The last thing you want in your home is a damaging stain that is not only an eyesore, but could also be putting you and your loved ones in danger.

Ceiling Molding Forming

Ceiling Paint 

The longer you allow water build-up to stick around, the more expensive the repair can become. A by-product of brown stains or water stains is damage to the paint. You may need to apply a fresh coat of paint to the stained area once it is repaired in order to ensure that those pesky water spots and brown water stains are no longer visible after the problem has been dealt with. Attempting to fix any water stains or brown spots without actually addressing the root cause behind your stains allows the leak to continue to destroy your ceiling. Water stains are no joke, don’t let them keep ruining your ceiling. Call Advanced Roofing & Construction, LLC at 256-603-9171 for a free roofing estimate. We would be happy to perform an interior inspection of your ceilings and walls to check for any water stains that are not easily noticeable. 

Quick Fixes 

Quick Fix Sprayers for Roof and Ceiling Stains

Though these stains might seem impossible to deal with, there are some quick fixes that anyone can do to lessen the appearance of the stains. If the issue causing the spots has been solved, you can put a solution of bleach and water into a spray bottle and apply it to the affected area of your ceiling to attempt to get rid of the stain. After doing this, wait about 10 minutes, then rinse it off with water. Finally, apply a stain blocking primer once the area is dry. One time may be enough, but you might have to do this a handful of times before the stain is completely clean. Make sure the source of the problem has been fixed before attempting to paint or clean up the stained area, as this will just waste time and money and the original problem will only get worse if it is not resolved first. 

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Water stains and ceiling stains in general are a natural part of owning a home. Whether a faulty pipe is allowed to slowly drip water onto your ceiling from above or you have a roof leak, ceiling stains will always find a way to infiltrate your life. Inclement weather has been damaging roofs and ceilings for as long as people have lived in houses. The cause of the water stain may not be your fault but if you refuse to address the ceiling stains in your home and mold ends up growing over time, you could be at fault for neglecting it. If you have a duct issue, you may need to call an HVAC contractor. A roof issue will likely require a roofing contractor’s assistance to find the source of the problem and repair it. Whether it is one occasional ceiling stain or a variety of ceiling stains over the course of your time in the house, it is important to always tackle these issues early. If you have a ceiling leak or stain, call Advanced at 256-603-9171 for a free roofing estimate. We can help you determine if your roof could be the cause of your ceiling issue as well as pinpoint any other areas of concern on your roof.

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