Buyer Beware States and What Home Inspectors Look For On Roofs

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What Does a Home Inspector Look for in a Roof? 

When looking at a roof, a home inspector is keeping an eye out for certain things. Any given inspector is trying to make sure first and foremost that the roof is in a good enough state to protect the home from common occurrences such as weather hazards and things of that nature. With that in mind, they will begin to search for things like loose or damaged shingles and spots of vulnerability on your roof. They will also look around your chimney at the flashing and at the general condition that the chimney is in at the time of the inspection. They will also likely inspect the gutters to ensure that they are still functioning properly. Inspectors look for many things when evaluating whether a roof is in good condition or not, however, the way in which an inspector may look at the roof can vary. 

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Why Would a Home Inspector Walk on a Roof? 

One thing that many people think goes into a roof inspection is the physical action of the home inspector climbing up and onto the roof to walk on it. Though this isn’t always the case, there are some reasons why an inspector may be inclined to climb up to the roof. It is easier to see the roof as a whole once you’re literally standing on it and looking for imperfections. Physically being on the roof can give an inspector a closer look at harder-to-see issues and can give them a better look at your chimney that may not be as visible from the ground. Even though many inspectors will go on the roof, there are plenty of other techniques that an inspector may opt to employ instead of walking on the roof. After all, what if the roof is in no condition to be stepped on? What if it is raining during the inspection day? The following techniques can be used for situations like these: 

Common Roof Inspection Techniques 

  1. One way that inspectors can view your roof without physically standing on it is by making use of binoculars to view every individual part of the roof. Though it may be hard to believe, binoculars are advanced enough nowadays where they can zoom in on very small parts of their viewing subject. This may also be the cheapest option for a roof inspector who chooses to not to walk on a roof. The only real downside is that the inspector would have a harder time taking a picture of which parts of the roof were damaged or unfit. They would need to record the place of issue and try to use a camera to capture the exact spot they saw in their binoculars. 
  2. The next method that many inspectors choose is using a drone with cameras attached to it to investigate a roof. An inspector will pilot a small drone with a built-in camera to take photos of the roof without ever needing to step foot on the roof itself. This technique is helpful when there is no inclement weather in the forecast, as the drone could be damaged in windy or rainy conditions. These drones can be expensive depending on which brand the inspector purchases but they do serve as a better substitute for binoculars.
  3. Another good technique that inspectors use outside of technology is simply setting up a ladder on the side of the house, climbing the ladder and peering over the roof from a safe distance. This technique lets an inspector get up close and personal with portions of the roof without actually stepping on it. This is another exceptionally cheap option for an inspector and is a good way for an inspector to still be close to the roof without taking on the risks of climbing onto it. 

What is a Buyer Beware State? 

Anyone who is planning to move south from up north should understand that many southern states are buyer beware states. A buyer beware state is a state in which the buyer of a home is solely responsible for the condition of the home after the deal has gone through. In the case of a home inspection up north, an inspector could be held liable for any problems that turn up in the home that they might have missed after the purchase of the home is finalized. Down south, an inspector is clear of all liability once the home has been sold. This is important for potential homeowners to know and you should always look into where your state stands. It could end up saving you from a bad deal. If you choose to move to a buyer beware state, consider having a professional roofing company inspect the roofing system of the home you want to buy. In many cases, any issues found on the roof can be brought to the attention of the seller and addressed prior to closing on the home. 

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