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How to Identify If You Need a Roof Replacement 

Are you trying to decide if you need a roof replacement? Are you afraid of the potentially large-scale and costly process? How do you even know if you need a roof replacement? In this blog we hope to answer these questions and address the many concerns that people typically associate with a roof replacement. The first question people may ask is, how do you know if you need a roof replacement and what kinds of damage would call for a roof replacement? 


Protect Your Home with A Professional Roof Replacement in Huntsville, AL

Don’t let an old roof lower your home’s value. At Advanced Roofing, we provide expert roof replacement services in Huntsville and the surrounding areas. Our team of experienced professionals use only the highest quality materials to ensure your new roof is durable and long-lasting. Trust us to keep your home protected.

Weather Damage 

One big indicator that you may need a new roof is missing shingles. Missing shingles can occur due to a recent storm or they can accumulate over time from multiple destructive weather events. There can be different types of damage depending on what kind of weather event has affected your home. Rain storms can bring high winds that destroy shingles and can cause leaks when water penetrates an already weakened roof. A hail storm can also cause major damage to a roof, especially to the shingles on it. Hail storms don’t usually cause damage to your roof that can be seen from the ground and will require an experienced roofer to evaluate the roof. Some weather-related damage is more noticeable, but the overall damage that is ultimately done to your roof ranges in severity. Severe damage to your roof caused by inclement weather is a great reason for a homeowner to consider a roof replacement. 

Damaged and old roofing shingles on a house

Ventilation Damage 

Another common way that roof damage occurs is by ventilation damage. Typically, this happens when a home is improperly ventilated, specifically in the attic. Attic ventilation is an extremely important aspect to the integrity of your roof and the longevity of your shingles. If your attic is improperly ventilated, heat can build up within, causing the shingles on your roof to blister as the heat damages them from the inside. Ventilation damage typically happens over time and it is important that homeowners have their attic ventilation checked by a roofing professional every couple of years. Poor ventilation that goes unchecked can severely damage a roof to the point where a homeowner may need to replace it. This is especially important in areas like Huntsville where we have higher temperatures in the summertime with lots of humidity. 

What Goes into A Roof Replacement? 

Even if a homeowner manages to identify that they need a roof replacement, whether through an inspection from a roofing contractor or otherwise, many don’t know how much goes into such a process. There are three main aspects that one must consider when planning to replace their roof. To better understand them, we will break each one down. 



The first thing that one must look into when deciding to move forward with a roof replacement is the aesthetic of the new roof. This refers not only to the desired materials one may choose to replace their current roof with, but also how these materials will add value to the home and how they will affect the curb appeal of the home. These materials can also have an effect on the longevity of the new roof. The two main options for roof replacement materials are asphalt shingles or metal. Both have their pros and cons, but bear in mind that they do differ in cost. Once you’ve decided which material would best suit your needs, you can choose what color you want your new roof to be. Keep in mind the current color of your home’s siding and gutters as well as your home’s shutters and trim. Pairing the color of your roof with existing color schemes on the outside of your home can increase the overall aesthetic and tie everything together nicely. Enjoying the look of your new roof is important and it can pay off if you ever decide to sell your home in the future. 

Insurance Claim Concept


Another thing you need to bear in mind when it comes to getting a roof replacement is the time it can take for the process to go from start to finish. Paying for a roof replacement out of pocket may have a different time frame compared to getting a new roof through an insurance claim. You’ll need to consider how long it takes for the insurance claim to process along with the inspection that may be associated with the insurance claim. Typically, your insurance company will only pay for a roof replacement when there is proof of storm damage and they may send someone out to inspect your property to verify the damage. Not to worry, Advanced can accompany you to this inspection and show your insurance representative exactly where the storm damage is located so everyone is on the same page. When it comes to dealing with insurance, homeowners allow Advanced Roofing & Construction, LLC to manage the insurance claim process for them. Our insurance claim specialists work with every insurance company to ensure that all storm damage is properly notated and addressed by the insurance company. We make sure that the customer is well cared for by their carrier and receives all necessary funds needed to restore their property back to the working condition it was in prior to the storm damage occurring. Advanced Roofing & Construction, LLC will then perform the work and all you will be responsible for is your insurance deductible. We strive to make this process simple for our customers. 

What Are The Roof Replacement Steps? 

Now that we’ve established when you would need a roof replacement and what you need to decide on before it begins, we can discuss how it all takes place and the steps that are taken once the job starts as well as any preparations needed beforehand. The main steps of a roof replacement that homeowners should remember can be broken down into four categories. 

Home Inspection

Roof Estimate 

The first and most essential step to a roof replacement is to have a roofing professional take a look at your roof and assess your roof’s needs. A roof estimate will provide you with information regarding whether a roof replacement is necessary and what it might cost based on the size and structural design of your current roof. Advanced Roofing & Construction offers these roof estimates for free and they help guide homeowners in determining if they need a new roof. If your roof ends up needing a replacement, your project manager will help you determine what your needs and preferences are for the new roof. You may even decide to file an insurance claim with your insurance company if the roof has sustained storm damage. 

Material Prep 

After these preliminary steps are out of the way, you and your project manager will discuss different materials and products that will be implemented into your new roof. This also involves choosing what color you want the new roof to be. As mentioned above, the color of the roof can influence the curbside appeal of your home. You’ll also want the roof materials to be of high quality in the event you wish to sell the home later. A high quality roofing system and a nice color are things that buyers consider when they shop around for their next home. 

Colorful House Roof Shingles Samples on Display

Job Prep 

After the roof color and all of the materials have been selected, you will pay a deposit. This will secure your place on our production schedule and all necessary roofing products to be ordered for your job. Once your job is scheduled, the roof replacement will soon begin. Prior to the scheduled day of your roof replacement, you will need to prepare your home and your family. You should move all of your breakable lawn items such as lawn decorations and take all fragile objects off of the walls inside of the house. The process could put fragile wall items at risk. You should also tell your family what to expect. They should be ready for loud noises for a day or two until the job is complete. You should also find a way to prepare your pets for the job. If they are easily startled by loud noises, finding a pet sitter or boarding them may be helpful. It is important to park your vehicle(s) on the road before the replacement begins. This ensures that your car doesn’t run over any nails or sustain any other damage during the job and it allows you to come and go as you please without getting blocked in by dumpsters or other vehicles or equipment. 

The Job Begins 

Once all of the prerequisites and preparations are complete, the roof replacement can begin. It usually takes 1-2 days for a roof replacement to be completed, weather permitting, and depending on the size and complexity of your roof. Throughout this process, your project manager will be your best point of contact. They will address any questions or concerns you may have about the project and make sure you are satisfied with your new roof upon completion. 

Roof Replacement Process Huntsville AL 2

During The Job 

During your roof replacement, your old roof will first be torn off and disposed of. A dumpster or dump trailer is often used to store the old shingles and other debris and will be removed from the premises once the job is completed. Once your old roof has been removed down to the wood decking, your home’s decking will be inspected for rot or other damage and can be replaced as needed. In some instances, a home’s decking has more than one small area of concern and may require several sheets of decking to be replaced. If this is the case, it will be brought to your attention before it is replaced so everyone is on the same page and aware of any additional decking costs prior to moving forward. Once the decking has been inspected and replaced as needed, underlayment will be installed over the decking in the form of felt or synthetic underlayment. At Advanced, we believe synthetic underlayment is the best option. Your valleys will be lined with an ice and water shield which acts as a membrane to provide extra protection since valleys are high-flow water areas. This will also be applied under flashings. Next your flashing will be inspected and replaced as needed. Then we will install starter shingles on the eaves and rakes of your roof. Finally, the main asphalt shingles, pipe boots, hip and ridge shingles and ventilation will be installed whether you are using mechanical vents or ridge vents.

Roof Replacement Process in Huntsville 4 

After The Roof is Complete 

Once the roof replacement has been completed, our team will finish cleaning up the premises and sweep for nails using strong magnets. Any dumpsters or dump trailers used for your roof replacement will be removed or scheduled for pickup soon after your project is complete. Your project manager will be in contact with you to schedule a walk through to be sure you are happy with your new roof. You will then be invoiced for the remaining amount owed and once you have paid in full, any extended warranties you chose will be registered. If your roof replacement involves an insurance claim, your project manager will make sure all necessary paperwork is submitted to your insurance company and will answer any further questions you may have. 


Call Advanced Roofing & Construction If You Need A Roof Replacement in Huntsville! 

What might seem like a small roof problem can easily become a much larger issue that can negatively impact your home if it isn’t addressed. Roof issues of any kind need to be fixed early on to ensure the problem doesn’t get worse. If the need to replace your roof does arise, don’t try to take it all on by yourself. Allow a large job like this to be handled by trusted professionals who will get it done right. If you are in need of a roof replacement, call Advanced Roofing & Construction. We are highly experienced in every part of the roof replacement process. Our insurance claim specialists will guide you through your storm damage insurance claim process as well as the roof replacement process and do the heavy lifting for you so you can get a new roof without the added worry or stress of figuring it out on your own. Don’t let a roof problem ruin your home or your day. Call us at 256-603-9171.

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